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VCU's program provides unique offerings and experiences in each of its programs.


The new Siemens Axiom Multix M radiographic room allows radiography students to gain experience on a digital radiography system more advanced that many hospitals. Students gain firsthand experience with a system that allows for three methods of image capture:

  • Traditional film-screen
  • Computed radiography
  • Digital

Our own computed radiography (CR) digital equipment. The CR equipment by Fuji (see below) represents cutting-edge technology as radiologic images move from a film-based to an electronic an electronic realm. Few radiography programs in the US have access to digital imaging. At VCU, our educational program has its own equipment for students to gain expertise!

Radiation Therapy Simulation

We utilize a Kermath Radiation Therapy Simulator (photo below) in many of our radiation therapy labs. This unit allows faculty and students to practice and demonstrate important facets of radiation therapy treatment. The Department is pleased with this new technology as it provides tremendous benefits for our radiation therapy program.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine student's education is enhanced by laboratory experiences on the Picker 2000 gamma camera. This gamma camera allows students to simulate nuclear medicine procedures in a safe, constructive environment. Nuclear medicine students also enjoy the opportunity to work in 'hot labs' just as in actual hospital nuclear medicine departments (photo below). Students gain experience with the syringes, needles, pharmaceuticals, and safety equipment necessary to produce vital, yet safe, nuclear medicine procedures.

Advanced Practice

A variety of patient care simulators to allow radiation science students to perfect their skills at venous procedures, catheterization, ECG and other health care related duties.

Our own mammography facilities allow students to gain expertise in mammographic procedures and quality assurance. At VCU, radiography students gain experience in specialized imaging as part of their professional education!

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